ASp is an Agave spirit made in Australia and inspired by Mexican traditions.

It is handcrafted using wild, locally grown Agave americana and each batch has its own unique taste.

While the signature of ASp is a smokey taste this will vary with each batch and each person’s taste/experience.

We recommend that you take the opportunity, when you can, to try a variety of Agave Spirits.

Each person will nevertheless have their own individual taste experience.  Please don’t forget that there are many other flavours to seek out beyond the smoke.


This may be a new experience for some while others will have tried a variety of agave spirits.

To get the full ASp experience it is best for the drink to be unmixed and at room temperature.  If you have the opportunity try a number brands as each will have their own flavours.  The palate can be cleared between drinks with a slice of orange topped with a salt & chilli mix. Once you have your taste, seek out the other flavours within the drink.

ASp is also great in mixes and cocktails.  Try replacing other agave spirits with ASp, such as ASp Sunset (tequila sunrise).  More possibilities would include using ASp instead of other spirits.  How about a Snake Daquiri (ASp instead of rum).  The possibilities are infinite.  Check out some on our ASp Cocktails Page.

Whatever your journey with ASp please share your story with us at Black Snake Distillery.


Currently available is ASp Joven and now ASp Pechuga. ASp Reposado will be available later.

Bottles of ASp are packaged and posted individually.

ASp Joven

The signature of ASp and many agave spirits is the smokey flavour. This is a great experience by itself or in cocktails.

500 ml. 44% av  All new product from 1/7/2020 is at the higher alcohol content.  This also means a small price rise as well.

Bottles of ASp Joven are packaged and posted individually.

See cart page regarding reuse of empty bottles.

ASp Reposado

This is the first release of Reposado from Black Snake Distillery (and possibly the first of an Australian Agave Spirit).  It was aged for almost 4 months in ex-bourbon barrels and has the distinctive golden hue.  The taste is wonderful with it being difficult to have just one.

Full tasting notes are going up in the next day or so.

500 ml. 45% av 

Bottles of ASp Reposado are packaged and posted individually.

See cart page regarding reuse of empty bottles.

ASp Pechuga

Introducing our second batch of Pechuga made in traditional style with chicken breast, spices and ‘in season’ fruits.

This triple distilled ASp is rich and warm finishing with a smoky / mocha agave taste.

500 ml. 44% av

Batch Details

You can look up production information for each ASp Batch.  Also provided are some tasting notes.  Of course each person will have their own appreciation of our ASp spirit.