ASp Batch details

Below is information on each current ASp Lot number, with most recent first.  Three months after the sale of the last bottle in a batch the information will be removed from this website.  If you have a bottle in a batch that is not shown here and would like to know the details please contact us through email or social media and we will be more than happy to provide the information.

Where not specified the plants used are Agave americana, harvested wild (silvestre), at about 220m elevation and 30° 19′ South.  The plants are cooked in an earthen oven using eucalyptus wood and are mechanically chopped.  The distillers are Stephen Beale and Rosemary Smith.  Rosemary and Stephen are the entire workforce with Rosemary usually doing the tasting notes.

The 300 litre copper pot still uses electric elements and is powered by renewable energy.  The whole process tries to minimise environmental impact as far as possible, while being guided by the Mexican tradition.  There are practical limitations to this of course but we try!


ASp Pechuga 48% AV- The nose is caramel, vanilla and cardamom.  On the palate you immediately find chocolate, sweetness of fruit and woody notes.  The mouth feel is oily and viscous and the taste is very complex with layers revealed after each sip.


ASp Joven 48% AV- Our latest americana is at the higher ABV as it enhances the flavors.  This is an exceptionally well balanced spirit. The nose reveals caramelized banana, caper berries, vanilla, peppermint and cocoa.  On the palate there is caramel, brown butter, miso, sage jamon iberico and rosemary.  This spirit is savory, herbaceous and meaty like a big roast dinner on your palate.


ASp Pechuga 44% This is a great drop made with Angustifolia.The nose is white chocolate, caramel, cardamon, nutmeg, pineapple, lychee and green mango.  The palate raspberry and white chocolate muffin with sultana notes around mid palate.  It has been described as “borderline outlndishly balanced.” Out of Stock


ASp Joven 44% AV This is our normal Americana.The nose is butter, caramel, melon, caper berry, brine, fresh oregano and peppermint.  For the palate there is butterscotch cookies at the front aspects of caramel and breadiness all rolling into one.  Woody herbal notes at mid palate.  Only a few bottles left, available at Cellar Door. Out of Stock


ASp Joven 44% AV This is an Angustifolia as opposed to our normal Americana.The nose is buttercaramel, dry vegetation, Australian bushland and olive brine.  The palate has butterscotch in a good way as well as hints of clay and earth, forest floor with subtle finishing notes of oak. These tasting notes are from Jason Demasi who kindly provided them for us.



ASp Reposado 44% AV Silver winner at 2021 London Spirits Awards. This has a golden colour and the aroma is sweet wood, burnt caramel with a hint of smoke and agave plant.  The palate is thick and coats the tongue well.  Spices, oak and agave all come through with a slightly earthy tone.  The finish has a firm dose of alcohol as well as agave and oak tones.

This has been rested in ex-bourbon barrels for almost 4 months and is possibly the second Australian Agave Spirit Reposado (after our first).