2 Copitas

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4 Copitas

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ASp Copitas

Custom made by Pilliga Pottery in Northern NSW, our Copitas are the ideal vessel to enjoy the aroma and taste of Agave spirit.

This traditional cup allows the liquid to breathe and present the inherent complexity of the agave spirit.

Our Copitas are individually crafted making each unique.

These vessels are 60mL and  ~8cm diameter.  A great reward for yourself or a special person.

6 Copitas

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ASp Gift Pack (Joven/Reposado)

This lovely gift pack contains 100mL bottle of ASp Joven and 100mL bottle of ASp Reposado as well as 2 hand made ASp Copitas.

It is presented in a stunning gift pack featuring our logo from Kamilaroi artist Mavis Stone as formatted by our graphic designer David Brooks.

A perfect gift for any occasion.

2×100 ml. 48%/44% av

ASp Gift Pack (Joven/Pechuga)

Another wonderful Gift Pack with a 100mL bottle of ASp Joven, a 100mL bottle of ASp Pechuga and two hand made ASp Copitas.

This is presented in a striking gift pack featuring our wonderful image by Kamilaroi artist Mavis Stone, adapted by graphic artist David Brooks.

A great gift for any occasion.